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See for yourself why homeowners and businesses alike trust Volt Pro Electric for all their electrical needs. From lightning-fast service to our masterful workmanship, our customers' words illuminate the quality and dedication we bring to every project.
We worked with Michael on a fairly extensive electricial project involving electrical and low voltage. He listened to what we wanted and gave input as well. He worked well with a tight schedule and other contractractors to get our project finished ahead of schedule and within our budget! We highly recommend Michael!‎

Reliable, Attentive service‎‎ By Jeff

May 21, 2010
I found Volt Pro on google and saw all the great reviews and called. He came out the same day and fixed things fast. Very professional, nice and good prices. I am hiring him again for some other projects around the house.‎

Definately Recommended‎‎ By Jill

May 12, 2010
I needed an outlet removed to have a pantry installed in my kitchen. The carpenter said he could do it for $300. Volt Pro did it in about 10 minutes for $75 the same day I called! Great service and very reasonable prices!‎

Highly Recommend‎‎ By masinic

May 20, 2010
I have had two electrical emergencies in the last 6 months; both times Volt Pro Electric was able come fix the problem on a Saturday without charging me a fortune. In fact, they even charge less than the guy I used regularly in the past. The guys are very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and FAST. I will definitely use them for all of my electrical needs in the future.‎

Fast, Great, Inexpensive Service‎‎ By Weimer

May 10, 2010
I discovered on Saturday that I needed some electrical work done to complete another project before it could proceed. The vendor for this project wanted to continue the following Monday. From past experience with electrical contractors, I figured I would not even be able to reach anyone until Monday and that it would be up to a week before I would get an appointment, which would really throw off my project schedule. I was able to reach Volt Pro on Saturday and Michael was here first thing Monday morning. He fixed my problem in one hour and made it possible for my other project to continue on schedule. I will definitely call Volt Pro the next time I need electrical work, and will highly recommend Volt Pro to anyone I know or meet in need of electrical work.‎

Excellent, prompt, and professional‎‎ By Robert

Apr 26, 2010
I called Michael today and he told me he could come by tomorrow. I asked him if there was any way he could squeeze me in today, he called me back and found a space for me. When he came, he quickly fixed the problem and charged me less than he had quoted me

Incredible Service‎‎ By Matt

Apr 23, 2010
Michael was very prompt to respond and provided excellent and efficient service at a great price.‎

Excellent value and service. ‎‎ By southpointe

May 5, 2010
Michael was very responsive. We got an in home estimate within a few hours and Michael offered to do more than we were asking for - mainly because he showed how it would save us money. We took him up on the offer and got our TV installed - as well as getting the power outlets and supplies moved. When Michael came to do the work he took the time to work through our changes and questions as he went, so we knew we'd get what we wanted - and what we thought would work was confirmed as we discussed alternatives and new ideas with Michael. Great work, very timely, very collaborative and flexible. Price was fair and our deliberations didn't cost us unduly as we changed our project on the day.‎

Great Service - very flexible...‎‎Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Ian

Feb 23, 2010
Michael was able to respond quickly (within an hour) of my desperate call. He diagnosed the problem easily and was able to fix several issues for me with no fuss and in a short amount of time. He was very professional and his price was very fair. I highly reccommend him for your household electrical needs.

Great fast and effective service!‎ By Lorebeis

Feb 22, 2010
Michael has been responsive and thorough with the jobs I have hired him to complete. I would use him to complete my electical work in the future.

Great Electrician‎‎ By rosswardell

Nov 29, 2009
Volt Pro was recommended by my sister, who had some work done at her house. My husband was remodeling a wall in the kitchen and Michael helped redo the wiring. He was great about offering good advice on the rest of the project as well! So far we've hired Volt Pro for several projects on the house and have loved the results.

Great job. Great price.‎‎ By Heather

Nov 3, 2009
We've had Michael install a ceiling fan and investigate and fix some electrical problems we were having. He is quick, efficient, thorough and incredibly knowledgeable in all things electrical. He doesn't give you the run around, is straight forward and worth every penny. Also, he is very personable and outgoing. I highly recommend Michael Tucker, his work and Volt Pro Electric Company.

Volt Pro Electric is the way to go!‎‎ By hilary s

Nov 3, 2009
Since 2009, Volt Pro Electric Company has been providing residential and commercial electrical installation and repair services for the Boulder and Denver areas in Colorado. 
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