3 Ideas for Choosing Landscape Lighting

Date Posted: 04/26/16
Author: Volt Pro Electric

Warmer days and pleasant evenings make it easier to enjoy being outside as long as possible here in Colorado. And, if you're like most of us, you want to make the best use of your outdoor space as possible. From bringing in Colorado appropriate plants, bushes and flowers to filling in spaces with rocks, mulch and water features. Finding ways to make the outside look as good as the inside, is a top priority! 

However, if you want to make your yard pop and take that extra little step toward outdoor perfection, it's time to consider landscape lighting. Where to start? Here are three ideas to help you choose the right landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Idea #1: Highlight Trees/Bushes

If there are specific trees or bushes that you enjoy within your landscaping, consider getting landscape spotlights and placing them in the ground near those items. You can then aim the lights at the trees or bushes at night to highlight their beauty, even after dark.

Tip: Many hardscapes required hardwired lighting, be sure to look for weather-resistant fixtures. 

Landscape Lighting Idea #2: Bring In Ambient Lighting

If you are going to use a patio in the midst of the landscaped area, you might want to think about using ambient lighitng to bring another element to the space. Look into candle lanterns to give the region a soft, elegant glow. Or if you want something that burns longer, kerosene lanterns work well. Other ideas for creating soft lighting are to add wall-mount downlights which cast a warm, gentle light. 

Landscape Lighting Idea #3: Illuminate the Parameters

If you created a path or walkway with your landscaping, you may want to mark the parameters of the walkway with lights that line the area. Space lights you put into the ground the right distance apart and you can light the entire pathway. In the meantime, that area of landscaping is also highlighted with the lights.

Tip: there are many solar lights available to make it easy to install path lights just about anywhere. 

There are nearly endless things you can do with landscape lighting. Take a look at your landscaped areas in the day and at night and see what would be the most appropriate for your needs. Consider how you use the space, when you want to see it, and what would be the most enjoyable to you. Keep in mind that landscape lighting can even add value to a home by highlighting the landscaping beauty after dark. These three ideas give you a head start on making the right choices.

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