5 Home Electrical Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Date Posted: 11/04/15
Author: Volt Pro

We get so used to flipping a switch for the lights that it's easy to forget how powerful and dangerous electricity can be. You can keep your family and possessions safe by following these 5 tips when using home electrical appliances.

1. Pull the Plug

It's tempting to give the cord a yank when you want to unplug something. Heck, why would you want to walk ALL the way over to the wall? The problem is that the insulation on the cord is not designed for that sort of use and can separate from the plug housing over time. The housing itself is designed specifically to make unplugging easier, and it's the safer option.

2. Tape or Tie

Never use a staple or nail to hold an electrical cord in place. Even if you're Wyatt Earp with that staple gun, the friction between the insulation and the metal staple can wear through the insulation eventually. Tape cords in place or use a plastic tie to hold them where you want them.

3. Keep it Simple

We all laughed when Clark Griswold held up that ball of extension cords plugged into extension cords. It might seem convenient to daisy chain power bars into power bars, but you're overloading the electrical load those devices can hold. In most cases, you'll simply cause a breaker to trip and everything will be fine. In the worst case, you're setting yourself up for disaster.

4. Cover the Outlets

Protect children from accidental injury by covering outlets with childproof caps. That will keep tiny fingers from exploring those fascinating holes. If you have to replace an outlet for some reason, many places now offer outlets that are automatically childproof. Consider installing those as an alternative.

5. It's Still Hot

Remember, even when an appliance is turned off, if it's still plugged in it has electricity coming to it. Always unplug any home electrical device if you're going to be working on it in any way, even if it's just unclogging the toaster.

Taking care of your home electrical appliances is pretty straightforward. Following some simple safety tips and being aware of the power of electricity will make certain all of your gadgets have a long lifespan, and it will keep everyone and everything you love safe as well.


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