Colorado Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Date Posted: 02/05/16
Author: Volt Pro Electric

Winter is upon us here in Colorado. Have you had time to prepare your home? If not, now is as good of a time as any. For instance, did you know that accidental carbon monoxide poisonings happens more often in the winter?  And, that changing out your furnace filter every three months can lower your energy bill? Here are winter maintenance tips it's not too late to tackle. 

Colorado Home Winter Maintenance Tips

Here are some winter home maintenance tips to protect you and you home from the weather.

Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Check your carbon monoxide detector, replace the batteries every three months and have a qualified technician check your heating systems, water heaters, and other gas-, oil-, or coal-burning appliances. 

Inspect Your Furnace

Your furnace is important. You should have it inspected and change the filter every month to keep it running efficiently. Have your chimney inspected also. You want to make sure it's ventilating properly.

Inspect Attic Insulation

Inspect the insulation in your attic. Make sure there is adequate insulation to keep the cold out and the warm air in.

Protect Your Pipes

To protect your water pipes during particularly cold nights, turn your faucets to a drip or open the cabinets under your sink to allow warm air around the pipes. Make sure your outdoor pipes are empty and your garden hose is disconnected. If you have water pipes in unheated areas such as a garage or basement, cover them with heat tape.

Check Your Roof

Check out your roof for loose or missing shingles, weather permitting. Keeping your roof sealed will prevent leaks and damage to your structure or ceilings. Along with your roof, you should seal up any areas where cold air could come in. Such areas would be around recessed lights, doorways, and vents.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan with a reverse setting, run it on reverse to force the warm air back down. If you do not have a ceiling fan installed, this is a good time to add one. Ask us about our installation services

These winter home maintenance tips can help you protect your home against the brutal winter cold. Contact us today for assistance in any of these areas. 

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