Is Now The Time For Ceiling Fan Installation?

Date Posted: 06/01/16
Author: Volt Pro Electric

One of the benefits of living in Colorado in the summer is the seemingly endless supply of mild weather and sunshine. Many homes, in fact, do not even need air conditioning. However, our living spaces can become more comfortable - especially on those warm July afternoons - with the help of air movement.  Is now the time for ceiling fan installation? A ceiling fan may provide a more energy efficient cooling method than that of running an air conditioner, if you have one, and make your space more comfortable, if you don't have one. 

Is Now The Time For Ceiling Fan Installation?

In conjunction with an air conditioning unit, you can safely run the unit at higher temperature settings while experiencing similar comfort as if the air conditioner were set to lower temperatures. Thus saving you real dollars over operating your air conditioner without one. Then on those not quite so hot days you can get by with only the breezes generated by the fan, without running the air conditioner at all or only very little. 

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Since ongoing climate concerns are not abating but only growing, it is therefore advisable that you make sure that your new ceiling fan installation uses a fan that is Energy Star compliant. Also be sure to invest in a fan that has a switch that will change the direction of its rotation. That will provide the maximum benefit possible by allowing your ceiling fan to operate year round.

Because by changing the direction of the fan's spin cycle, warm air will be pushed down toward your building's occupants, thus keeping you warmer during those beautiful but frigid Colorado winters. Come summer you can then easily switch back directions again to help keep your cool.

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So you can see that any time is a good time to get the ball rolling on a ceiling fan installation. For proper installation of one or more ceiling fans in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville or Lafayette, give us a call! 303-249-2972

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