How Adding an Attic Fan Will Improve Your Energy Bill

Date Posted: 04/13/16
Author: Volt Pro Electric

What exactly are attic fans? And are they necessary? And how will adding an attic fan to your home improve your energy bill? There's a lot of debate and questions surrounding the use of attic fans in homes. This article will seek to answer these questions and more:

There are two types of antic fans used for residential purposes, the whole-house fans, and the powered attic ventilator.

Whole-house attic fans

The whole house fan is used at night to cool the home. The fan uses outside air to provide a cooling effect in the house. This type of fan is best used in areas that experience dry climate, whereby temperatures drop at night. 

The fan works by drawing in outside air into the attic; as a result of this, the hot air is removed from the attic through ventilation points. To allow in outside air, the window of your house must be opened before the fan is switched on.  This fan is usually placed on an attic’s floor, above a central hallway of the home.

Whole house fans consume only 10-15% of the energy that is normally consumed by a standard central air conditioning system, hence making them very energy efficient. Also, they can cool a house in less than one hour; they therefore, can be turned off to lower energy costs once the house is cool. Once you are satisfied with the temperature in your home you can close the windows, to keep the cool air from escaping.

Powered Attic fan

Also called ventilation fans, powered attic fans work to cool the attic by pushing out hot air and letting in cool air from the outside. These fans are designed to save both on energy and the roof.  Energy is saved because the fan reduces strain on the air conditioning system. On the other hand, the “roof is saved” as a result of reduced heat moving through the roof from the attic. These ventilation fans have been proven to use more energy than they save. However, solar powered attic ventilators have been developed to counteract this disadvantage.

Adding an attic fan can significantly reduce your energy bills. However, this highly depends on the type of attic fan you choose to install. The whole house attic fan has been proven to be the most efficient in reducing the use of your air conditioning system, hence greatly reducing your energy costs.

If you're thinking about adding an attic fan, contact us! We are happy to help you decide which is best for your needs and to get the right one installed. 303-249-2972. 

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